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Disney Heroines 

By: gariSK

let’s glorify the heroines rather than just the princesses I like that better

I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go. But what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye
Piscine Patel - Life of Pi

Cerita kita bermula dari suatu kesalahan. Lucu rasany saat kita menganggap salah adalah benar, dan benar adalah salah.

Tapi apakah semua cerita yang berawal dari kesalahan, harus berakhir dengan ketidakbahagiaan?

The tale of two wolves (Ch. 5)

The wind grew stronger at the side of the lake. The wolf pack surrounds the red wolf and blue wolf stands closer and closer, closing all possible exit for the two wolves, except for the lake behind them, and the red wolf don’t have a plan to get wet right now. Besides, he just can’t let the blue wolf alone, still shocked about what happens in front of her.

The black wolf still grins happily, for his plans up until now works perfectly. He already eliminated the elder, the one who always opposes all of his plan to attack the red wolf, and now, with the help of the wolf pack, he will be able to take down the red wolf, knowing that the red wolf won’t be able to defeat all dozen of wolves, and he will be the one who deliver the finishing blow, seizing all the glory.

The red wolf starts to think of the best course of action here, and the first thing he needs to do now is to bring the blue wolf’s mind back to the crisis in front of them.

"Hey, wake up! This is no time to grieve! You can do that after we get out of here!" The red wolf shouts to the blue wolf.

"Do you really think you can get out of here alive? Ha! Both of you will die here, and you can join this old wolf soon!" The black wolf laughs at the situation he made.

The blue wolf just stands there, motionless, not a single word comes from her mouth. He knows full well about what happens right now. They will die here and now. She knows how powerful the black wolf is, and with the help of the pack behind him, they won’t stand a chance fighting them.

The red wolf takes position in front of the blue wolf. Whatever happens, he must protect her, for what reasons, he didn’t know. What’s in his mind right now is they must escape, both of them.

"I see… you tries to protect her. That’s reason enough to kill her too, after I’m done with you!" the black wolf suddenly rush forward to red wolf, slashing him.

The red wolf can actually escape the attack, if not for the blue wolf behind him. Evading the attack means opens the blue wolf position to the black wolf. He has no options except jump forward, receiving the attack head on.

Their claws clash in mid air, the black wolf quickly steps to the side and made a second slash. The red wolf don’t have time to escape the attack. The black wolf’s claws slash the left side of the red wolf’s face. The red wolf stagger. The attack is not enough to put him down, but it’s enough for the red wolf to understands the black wolf’s power. The black wolf is fast, and the red wolf can’t keep up with his speed.

The black wolf falls back, grinning, satisfied. The red wolf can’t move freely with the bue wolf there, this fight will end easily, he thinks.

The black wolf finally gives the signal to attack. The wolves reluctant at first, afraid of the red wolf. However, after saw the black wolf stares at them, they finally muster up the courage to attack. Two wolves on the left side jumps forward to red wolf, attacking him.

The red wolf defends just in time, evading the first attack, and blocks the second. He quickly slash the first wolf, send him flying to the ground, followed by the second wolf. They are still no match to red wolf. Suddenly, a wolf on the left side attack from the red wolf’s blind spot, ready to bite him.

The red wolf turns, just as a blue shadow flash in front of him, attacking the third wolf. The third wolf falls to the ground, but quickly stands up, startled.

The blue wolf finally made up her mind. They must fight, it is inevitable.

"You don’t think I will just stands idle while you fight here, right?" the blue wolf asks the red wolf, smiles.

The red wolf returns the smile, “Not even the slightest.”

Now, all the wolf starts to attack, while the black wolf takes a step back. He will just wait until the red wolf and the blue wolf exhausted, then he will attack.

The battle ground suddenly becomes chaotic, the red wolf and the blue wolf fights with all they got, although they were outnumbered. Blood spilled, fur flying, skin bleed. The red wolf fights fiercely, with just one thought in his mind; survive.

As the battle grew longer, only 4 attacker survived, the black wolf’s friend and three other wolves. The red wolf and the blue wolf got injured all over their body. All of their stamina are almost depleted.

The black wolf on the other hand, still waiting outside the fighting, observing. He finally start to move after the red wolf, the blue wolf, and the 4 wolves stop moving, exhausted.

"Is this all you can do? You’re not as fierce as the story goes now, are you?" the black wolf mocks the red wolf.

The black wolf howls, then attacks.


The tale of two wolves (Ch. 4)

The red wolf awake from his sleep. He sleep only for a moment, thoughts about what the blue wolf said occupy his mind. He walks out of the cave, leaving the blue wolf still in her sleep.

He walks to the lake, then drink from there. He recalls what the blue wolf said about wanting him to stop his quest. He can’t turn back now, he thinks. He made a vow to the god to be the strongest, and he will see it to the end. He will not stop until he become the strongest wolf.

Th thought then moves to the blue wolf itself. He felt something he can’t explain when he sees the blue wolf. Fear? Happiness? Jealousy? Hatred? Awe?


The red wolf never know love, since all the wolves hates him. Yet now, love is the only explanation he can give to himself about his feelings.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps from the woods, breaking his thought about the blue wolf. He quickly turn and see from the woods, the black wolf and the elder comes out of the darkness. The elder sees him with a discerning eye, a slight shock and fear comes to mind, yet not shown. The black wolf however, sees him with a murderous glare, with a grin in his face, knowing that it is now the time to end the red wolf’s life.

The elder moves closer to the red wolf, treading closely as to no make a sudden movement. The red wolf stands ready and prepared. He did not fear the elder, yet the black wolf’s presence trouble him.

"You’re the red wolf everyone talks about? The one who hunts other wolves?" the elder opens conversation with the red wolf.

"Can’t you see? Yes, I am the red wolf. And I did not hunt them, they come to me willingly, wanting to have a battle. I did only giving them what they want." the red wolf respond to the elder, yet his eyes fixed to the black wolf, watching him.

"How do you come by the blue wolf? Did you search for her because she has a shining fur?" the elder asks again.

"I met her by this lake, when I want to find a drink. I didn’t even know there are other wolf who have shining fur like me." the red wolf responds, feels that the elder’s question is somehow strange.

"Who are you anyway? What do you want?" the red wolf continues.

"Forgive me for failing to introduce myself first. I am the elder of the pack where she resides," looking at the blue wolf, "and this is the one who lead me here, saying that the blue wolf has betrayed us." his eyes goes to the black wolf.

"Betrayed you? What are you talking about?" the red wolf asks in confusion.

"You didn’t kill her when you had the chance, and now you share a cave with her. Does that not make her in your side?" the black wolf suddenly speaks, moving closer to the red wolf.

"I didn’t kill her because I don’t want to. Nothing can be gain from killing her." the red wolf says this with a cautious look in his face. What did the black wolf wants?

"Yet you kill other wolves mercilessly, with no hesitation. Why is that, I wonder?" the black wolf continues putting doubt in the elder’s mind. The elder just stood there, listening to both of them.

"Look, if battle is what you want, then I’ll be gladly accept your challenge. The blue wolf has nothing to do with me." the red wolf readies his battle position.

Suddenly the blue wolf come bursting from the cave, positions herself between the red wolf and the black wolf.

"What are you doing? Step aside!" the red wolf commands the blue wolf.

"No! If you want to attack them, then you have to go through me first!" the blue wolf responds. The thought of stopping the red wolf in his quest still in her mind.

"Well, well… Isn’t this interesting? The traitor, stopping the murderer in his path…" the black wolf mocks the blue wolf.

"Traitor? What… What are you talking about?" the blue wolf asks in the black wolf’s accusation, confused.

"It is clear isn’t it? That you are siding with the red wolf? And you—"

"Enough!" the elder shouts furiously. Feels that the black wolf has crossed the line. The black wolf fall quiet suddenly. angry that the elder interrupts him.

Turning his head to the blue wolf, the elder asks, “Is it true? You’re siding with the red wolf now?

"What? No! I only meant to stop him from his foolish deed!" the blue wolf understands about what happened now. The black wolf is trying to frame her. He never liked her, and now is the best chance to get rid of her.

"Don’t play dumb! The way he protect you is proof enough that there is something between you two!" the black wolf shouted, feeling pissed because he feels the elder starts doubting him.

"Enough for this stupid talk! Elder, we must kill them both now! Before more wolves fell prey to their actions!" the black wolf still tries to convince the elder to attack.

"I will decide their fate, not you!" the elder glares at the black wolf furiously.

The elder again fixed his eyes to the blue and red wolf. The blue wolf still stands confused, while the red wolf still in his position to attack.

Just as the elder starts to speak again, the black wolf suddenly jumps and bite the elder’s throat. With no chance to retaliate, the elder’s fall with the black wolf still in his throat. Unable to do anything, let alone fight back, the elder dies, while regretting his decision to trust the black wolf.

The blue wolf and the red wolf can’t do anything to stop the attack. They just shocked at the swiftness of the black wolf, and the red wolf position is too far to defend, while the blue wolf can’t even move from the attack.

"You maybe decide their fate, but I decide yours. Now they will die, and you can’t defend your precious blue wolf anymore!" the black wolf releases his bite, knowing that the elder is dead.

The black wolf then howls, and from the woods comes a dozen wolves lead by the black wolf’s friend. they closes in the blue wolf and the red wolf positions. Completely surrounded, the red wolf worried he won’t be enough to defeat them all.

The blue wolf paralyzed by what the black wolf do, killing someone she holds dear. She just stands there seeing the elder’s lifeless body on the ground.

The black wolf moves to confront them both, with an evil glow in his eyes.

"Now, let the fun begins"

The tale of two wolves (Ch. 3)

A dark shadow flies through the forest, swift and fleeting, dodging the woods with ease.

The shadow belongs to a black wolf, as dark as the deepest cave. His body is covered in a black fur. His body is big, resembles the red wolf, yet his movement is swift, and deadly.

The only thing visible thing from him are his eyes, a brilliant glimmering yellow in color, yet holds no warmth in it. His stare’s as cold as the lake he just leaves.

The black wolf runs from the lake after he sees what happen with the blue wolf after she sees the red wolf. He sees them talks, as if they knew each other long ago. He sees how the red wolf fails to kill the blue wolf, although the chance appear. The black wolf also sees how they now share a same cave to sleep together.

The black wolf never like the blue wolf. He sees her as nothing but trouble, yet his pack treats her as some kind of blessing to the wolves. He just can’t do anything about it since his pack-leader himself orders that no one harms the blue wolf.

His hatred grows after he heard the news about the rampage of the red wolf. A shining wolf, the same as the blue wolf, brings forth destruction to the wolves. There’s no way he’ll believe the blue wolf will do otherwise.

After he sees the blue wolf and the red wolf together, he knows that his suspicion’s has prove. He runs now to his pack with a grin in his face, knowing that the blue wolf won’t escape punishment for have a contact with the red wolf. He will tell his pack about what happened, and his pack will deal with the blue wolf as if she’s a traitor, and the red wolf will die, preferably in his hand, so that he may take the glory of killing the enemy of all wolves.

Soon as he arrives to his pack, he howls, taking the attention of all the other wolves.

"Leader! I have something to tell you!"

The leader comes from the shadow, an old wolf with scars all over, proves of glory and virtues. His body is now slow and a burden. He became a leader following the passing of the previous leader.

"What news that you bring?" the leader asks the black wolf, all the other wolves looks at both of them now.

"I have come from the lake, to bring news of a traitor!" the black wolf tells the leader with angry face.

"Traitor? What are you talking about?"

"I see the blue wolf, from our own pack, converse with the red wolf, the enemy of all wolves! They speak as if they’re old friend, and now they share a cave to sleep together!" the black wolf informs what he saw, all the wolves looks at the black wolf in disbelief.

The leader, shocked, but still keeps his head cool, asks the black wolf,

"Are you certain?"

"I know what my eyes saw, and certain that it is not deceived." the black wolf responds.

"I’ve told you long ago, all of you, that the blue wolf is not to be trusted. Now my words becomes reality. The blue wolf has the same shining fur as the red wolf, there’s no way they will be any different! We need to strike them now while we have the chance!" the black wolf continues, with a slight grin in his mouth.

The leader assess, the situation. He knows the black wolf has long hates the blue wolf. The black wolf tries countless times in making him belief that the blue wolf has nothing but trouble with her, yet he stands with his words that the blue wolf will bring good things to the wolves. He chooses not to belief the black wolf claims right away.

On the other hand, he is curious about the red wolf. The story of the red wolf’s ferociousness has reached his ear long ago, yet no one know the true intention of the red wolf, nor what he is looking for. He wants to hear it straight from the red wolf himself.

"I won’t have our pack attack blindly without any prove. We’ll wait for the blue wolf to come back, and then I’ll ask her myself."

The leader say this with a slight glare to the black wolf, know that the black wolf won’t obey his words.

"What good does it bring to wait for the traitor entering our pack’s territory again? She will just deny the truth, and who knows when the red wolf will attack again. We know of his doing and how he mercilessly kills the other wolves!" the black wolf says this angrily, getting tired of the stubbornness of the pack-leader.

The pack-leader thinks for a moment. There’s no way the black wolf will obey his order, and looking at the situation, many wolves are started to belief the black wolf. He needs to find a way to rest the situation, or else the blue wolf and the red wolf will be attacked right now.

"Fine, here’s how it will goes. I will go to the lake myself, along with the black wolf. However, we’re not going there to attack them. I want to hear what the blue wolf have to say, and then I’ll decide where we’ll go from there." the pack-leader decides.

The black wolf stands silent. If they were attacked by the red wolf, he’s uncertain that he can hold him off by himself, let alone kills him. He needs backup.

"Fine, let’s go with your way." the black wolf agrees, but with other plans in mind.

"We’ll go right now, and get this over with." the pack-leader then starts to walk to the direction of the lake.

The black wolf follows not long after, but stops for a moment beside one of his friend.

"Gather all wolf capable of fighting, and follow us, not to be seen by the leader. Come out when I give a signal." he whispers to his friend.

His friend startled by the request, but stays silent, and nod. He understands the black wolf intention of killing the red wolf, and as much as he scared to the red wolf, he fears the black wolf more if he didn’t do what the black wolf said.

The pack-leader and the black wolf then walks to the lake, with different intention in mind.

The tale of two wolves (Ch. 2)

He first sees her next to a lake to the east, where he tries to find a drink. As he approaches the lake, he sees a light shines from the side of the lake. He stopped for a moment, since he finds it strange to see other light apart from his own light.

As the lake is visible in his eyes, so does the source of the light. A wolf with a shining blue fur was drinking from the lake.

The red wolf sees, and captivated for a moment by the light from the blue wolf. He feels a mixed feeling upon seeing her.

Curious, as he finds another wolf with the same shining fur.

Happy, to see that he’s not alone with the fate of having a shining fur.

Calm, as the light from the blue wolf seems to ease his heart.

Angry, as somehow, he sees her as a rival.

As the red wolf approaches the blue wolf, the blue wolf raise her head, and looks at the red wolf.

The blue wolf was looking at the red wolf, confused at first, and surprised.

"You’re… The red wolf everyone is talking about" says the blue wolf.

They stopped doing anything for a moment, just looking at each other, lost in their mind.

The blue wolf then approaches the red wolf, and stops to look him in the eye.

The red wolf is bigger than the blue wolf, with scars and bruises all over his body, yet his light is not gone, and even brighter than before.

The blue wolf, however, is so graceful, and elegant, with a smooth fur emanating a radiant blue light.

Although both of their fur shines light, the light seems so different.

The red wolf’s light is so bright, and makes everyone who sees it closes their eyes. His light feels so heavy and overpowering.

On the other hand, the blue wolf’s light is so soothing, and makes everyone that sees it never want to take their gaze of her. Her light feels so calm and caring.

"You’re hurt, are you alright?" the blue wolf suddenly speaks, seeing the scar on his face.

Baffled by the question, the red wolf asks, “Are you not afraid of me?”

The blue wolf replies, “Why should I?”

"I have killed many wolves who stands in my way, and a female wolf is no exception. I can just-"

The blue wolf suddenly moves around the red wolf, she walks slowly as he looks at his body more carefully.

"What are you doing?" the red wolf asks, and take his position, ready to attack at the first hint of aggression.

"Your fur… They really shines red… I can’t believe it…"

"So what? Your fur shines as well. Have you not find it strange?"

Not listening to the red wolf’s question, she keeps occupied to her own mind.

"They keep telling me of how your shining fur signals death to all the other wolves, but seeing you up close…"

The blue wolf seems to have taken interest in the red wolf’s fur, although her fur shines as well.

The red wolf suddenly jumps backward, startled the blue wolf, and takes her back to reality.

"Look, I don’t know what your after, and I don’t care. I will be the strongest wolf there is, and there will be no one to stop me!" the red wolf start taking his battle stance.

"Why?" the blue wolf asks.

"Why? Because I’m different! All the other wolves hates me! They hate me for my fur, even long before I killed my first wolf! Have you not feel the same? Humiliated and rejected even by your own species? Not having a place to stay?" the red wolf speaks angrily.

The blue wolf stands quiet from the question. She suddenly understand that she have a different fate with the red wolf.

The blue wolf was, as the red wolf long ago, was rejected by her pack for being different. However, the elder of her pack then forbids anyone to harm the blue wolf, as the elder sees a premonition that the blue wolf will bring a great gift to the wolves. The pack’s reaction towards her are finally changed completely, and she was treated the same as the other wolves. She finally accepted in her pack.

As the blue wolf stand silent, she knows what she must do. She must stop the red wolf from doing what he do.

"But why must you seeks strength and keeps bathed yourself in blood? Is it so important to show the world that you are the strongest? It won’t change anything! Your fur will stay like that, no matter how many wolves you killed." The blue wolf responds. Hoping to changes the red wolf’s mind.

"I seek strength, because with strength, no one will dare to look down upon me anymore. I will stand on top, and teach a lesson to all the wolves who ever mocks me."

"You can’t keep killing every single one of the wolves just to prove a point. When all the wolves are finally die in you hand, you will prove your point to no one. No one will be there to acknowledge you!"

The red wolf, tired of going back and forth in the conversation, suddenly turn and walks leaving the lake.

"Wait! Where are you going?" The blue wolf asks.

"Proving a point, like you said." The red wolf responds coldly.

As the red wolf walks away, the blue wolf suddenly chase him.

"I’ll follow you until you give up on this fool’s errand." The blue wolf said.

"What?! No way! If you want to stop me, then I will have no choice but to kill you!" the red wolf bares his teeth to the blue wolf.

"Then kill me. I’m not scared." The blue wolf responds bravely.

The red wolf growls, as he readies himself to attack the blue wolf. However, he didn’t do it, and suddenly stays quiet.

The red wolf can’t kill the blue wolf. He finally see a wolf with the same fate as his. He just can’t bring himself to do it.

Besides, the red wolf feels something strange when he sees the blue wolf. The light from her fur seems so calming, he felt for a second to just gaze at her light and stops his quest. However, he throw that minds away immediately, as he know, nothing good will come from just gazing at someone.

The red wolf then moves to a cave near there, and the blue wolf keeps following him.

"What are you gonna do now?" the blue wolf asks, feels happy and relieved that the red wolf fails to do his intention.

"I’m going to sleep, I’m too tired to do anything now" the red wolf respond.

"Then I’ll sleep too" the blue wolf moves to the cave with the red wolf, and take the right side of the cave, opposite to where the red wolf is.

The red wolf, tired of arguing with the blue wolf, pays no mind to her action, and fall to sleep, followed by the blue wolf.

The two wolves falls asleep, without knowing that a pair of glowing yellow eyes watches their every movement from afar.

The tale of two wolves

on a day long forgotten, where the world was all dark, lives a wolf with a bright red fur. The fur shines even though there were no lights.

The lone wolf hates his fur.

Nobody wants to stay with him.

"You’re too bright, I can’t see anything with you around", says a wolf.

"We can’t hunt with you, your fur gives us away to the prey", says the other wolf.

However, he grew tired of his loneliness…

"I didn’t asked to be born like this", says the red wolf.

He grew tired of all the other wolves mocking him because of his fur.

"I’ll show them, I don’t need their help. I’ll be on my own, and be the strongest wolf there is!", he vowed to himself.

"You hear me God?! You make me this way! I’ll become strong, and everyone will remember my name as the greatest being in the world!!", he shouted to the sky, as if mocking the God itself for his destiny.

So he go on his way, alone and despise the whole world. The other wolves keep mocking him, and even as far as attacking him. The red wolf gets tired of this, and he started to fight back.

The red wolf killed his first wolf not long after he mock the God, the two wolf that attacked him were actually just mocking at first, but when the red wolf fights back, the battle soon become filled with blood.

After a struggle, the red wolf killed one wolf, leaving the other one wounded.

"Tell this to all your friends. I, the red wolf, is responsible for his death. Never come at me again if you want to live! Take this warning and heed it!" the red wolf growls angrily.

The wounded wolf, scared to death, runs back to his pack, and tells the other about the red wolf’s doing.

The lesser wolf cower in fright as they heard the story. The one that the red wolf killed is one of the best hunter in the pack. The other stronger wolf howls angrily, and swear to seek vengeance of the deceased one.

The news of the red wolf deed soon reaches the ear of other pack, and soon, he became the enemy of all the wolves.

Many try to challenges him, and yet, most of them dead. A few of them survived, only to bring news of the ferocity of the red wolf. The wolves starts to fear him, loathed him. Every wolf learn to hide in the first hint of light from his fur.

His fur grows redder every day, as the blood of all he slain showered his body. He shines brighter and brighter, and begin to lust for blood, as he knew that no one can match his strength.

He keeps wandering, fulfilling his promise to be the strongest. The lust for power never seem to stopped.

Until he sees her…

The wolf with a radiant blue fur.

How do we know?

Ada yang menarik saat nonton Sore di Unpar malam minggu kemarin. Temanny teman gw bertanya hal ini:

K: “Gimana kita bisa tau kalo seseorang itu soulmate kita? Bisa aja dia soulmate kita lewat di depan kita dan kita g tau.”

Tidak ada jawaban malam itu, dan pertanyaan itu terbiarkan menggantung…

So, how do we know?

How do we know that someone is our soulmate? If she is the one God creates from your rib bone? If he is the one where you belong? If she’s “The One”.

I come up with an answer myself:

"You won’t"

G ada yang bisa memastikan apakah seseorang itu soulmate kita atau bukan. G ada yg tau kapan kita ketemu soulmate kita. They could be anyone…

Someone you’ve already met

Someone that you see on the road

Someone sitting next to us in a bus

Someone in our group of friends

Someone that we hate

Someone who doesn’t even know you at all

What’s a soulmate anyway? Someone god creates solely for us? The one who we’re destined to be together?

For me, soulmate means the perfect one for us. The one who I know is for me, not for anyone else.

But are things like that even exist? I don’t know…

One thing that I know is:

"Perfection is not found, it is made."


46-year-old Jung Da Yeon


46-year-old Jung Da Yeon